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We rank car movies and we write about car campaigns. Because they are good, outstanding or a great example.

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On this website we have ranked all the Car Videos with 1-5 Stars. Only the best Car Videos are given a 5-Star ranking.

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All car videos easy to find. Categorized by brand, quality, car type and category.
We have rated al the videos with 1-5 Stars

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This is a website born out of interest in all kinds of car videos. When you search on Youtube and Vimeo it’s really hard to find the best car videos. You have to watch about twenty films before finding that one unique film you were looking for.

We intent to make this search easy for you. We have rated every car video with 1-5 stars. With the Stars we are trying to give you an indication on how great the films are. 3-Stars for an average car video, 5-Stars for the best car videos and 1-Star for one we can’t really appreciate or understand. Of course the stars are just an indication and our opinion.
You can search by given Stars, in our brand list, by car type or by category.

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We like to write about the car movies and the car campaigns we have seen. We like to look at is as film makers. We look at how these films can be used as an inspiration. We are crazy about films and especially films about cars. The car branch is dynamic, daring and in many cases on top of new developments. It’s a branch that has the interest of almost anyone. Wether you like new or old cars, vans or sports cars. There is something for everyone.

As makers of films and campaigns we are specially interested in how car brands and makers of car films want us to see their cars. Why do they make the choices they make? Are they really targeting specific groups or are they creating their own world? That off course is different with almost every car brand and every campaign.

This website with car videos and blogs is meant for film makers, film lovers, marketing managers from all industries, car lovers and off course for the brands to show what they have to offer. Our blog is open for discussion so let us know what you think. And off course tips are very much appreciated.

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